A Dance With Fire

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My name is Braidan Springstun ,and I have some pretty rad friends, a pretty rad God, and I have a pretty rad life! Check out what I'm all about below! Grace and Peace!

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Music// Guitars// Gibson// Les Paul// Theory// Jazz// Rock and Roll// Hardcore// Pop-Punk// Metal// Ambience//Poetry// Coffee// Espresso// Art// Writing// Love// Portland// Pacific Northwest// Hipster// Pipe Tobacco// Metal// Tattoos// Art// Vintage// Dreams// Weddings// Star Wars// Lord of the Rings// Martial Arts// Love// Jesus// Adventures// Metal// Indie// Portland// Urban// Bible// Reading// Tolkien // Film Photography// Batman// DC/ Marvel// Comics// The Jokers// Long boarding// Vans// Toms// Fashion// Suits// Beauty// Nature// C.S. Lewis// Piercings// Jesus//